Energy Efficiency Ingersoll Rand Commits to go Green

Editor: Dominik Stephan

Ingersoll Rand has announced that the company’s commitment to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. According to the company its commitment will avoid the same amount of CO2 emissions that can result from powering nearly 2 million homes for one year.

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(Picture: PROCESS)

New Delh/India - The commitment increases energy efficiency and reduces the company’s climate impact with operational and product-related climate targets, including:

  • 1. 50 per cent reduction in the greenhouse gas refrigerant footprint of our products for our customers by 2020 and lower global warming potential alternatives across our portfolio by 2030;
  • 2. $500 million investment in product-related research and development over the next five years to fund the long-term reduction of greenhouse gas emissions; and
  • 3. 35 per cent reduction in the greenhouse gas footprint of the company’s office buildings, manufacturing facilities and fleet by 2020.

“Energy efficiency requires action now and can be the most effective way of reducing greenhouse gas emissions,” said Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, Ingersoll Rand, Michael W Lamach. “We are leading our industry toward a more sustainable world and are signalling to our customers, employees and shareholders that our future products will match our legacy of efficient, reliable and sustainable solutions. When we create more sustainable choices, improve our operating footprint globally and continue to develop lower greenhouse gas emission options, our customers – and the climate – benefit.”