Knowledge Management Information and Knowledge Management With the Cloud

Editor: Dominik Stephan

Cloud–Information–Systems, 2011's number one IT–buzzword, could become an important measure for future information storage and knowledge management, industrial service providers Servotech believe.

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Cloud computing – a new approach to industrial datra and knowledge management?
Cloud computing – a new approach to industrial datra and knowledge management?
(Picture: Πrate/Wikimedia Commons)

As a result of today’s innovation orientated communication period the knowledge of the company will be an important factor of the production, even to an extent that a company's know–how is a huge part of its core competence.

Many companies are living from specializing and their product-knowledge. That means their existence is depending on the availability and usability of the existing information and documentation. The knowledge is forced to become an enduring competition-factor, which is reasoned by its volatility, to manage systematically.

Systematic Knowledge Management

Although procedures and findings are often documented and saved, a methodic approach is rare. Therefor, Servotech's Process Management focuses a holistic approach to support the whole lifecycle of the product. The core of it is to have continuous information and data flow and a strong process design to enable optimal operations.

Access Information and Data Globally

Process Management has the task to represent complex knowledge of experts to the user in a systematically and easy way. For the recording, illustrating, processing and using of knowledge. Cloud computing and storage makes information, documentation and process data available from all over the globe and to every employee invited.