Mexico: Styrenics Ineos Expands ABS and ASA Production in Americas

Editor: Alexander Stark

Global styrenics producer Ineos Styrolution plans to increase its capacity for ASA and ABS in the Americas. The plans include the constructing a new 100 kt capacity ASA plant in Bayport, Texas and increasing the ABS capacity at its ABS/ ASA plant in Altamira, Mexico.

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The investment reflects increased demand for ABS/ ASA in focus industries (Automotive, Construction, Electronics, Household, Healthcare)
The investment reflects increased demand for ABS/ ASA in focus industries (Automotive, Construction, Electronics, Household, Healthcare)
(Source: Ineos Styrolution)

Frankfurt/Germany — Bayport, in the Greater Houston Area, will become the location of the new ASA plant. The site was selected based upon its easy access to raw materials (e.g. being adjacent to the Ineos Styrolution styrene monomer plant), low cost utilities and proximity to major customer markets, the company announced, adding that Bayport offered an excellent infrastructure for domestic shipments and exports. The new plant in Bayport is expected to be operational by the end of 2020.

“This investment follows previous growth investments including the Amsan production in Altamira, the current expansion of the ABS/ ASA plant in Altamira and, most recently, the acquisition of the K-Resin business,” explains Alexander Glueck, President Americas. “We are very pleased that our customers and partners select our styrenic products as their solutions of choice. The plans we reveal today will allow us to continue growing in close cooperation with them in the future.”

The planned investment is part of the company’s growth strategy focusing on key industries, ABS and Specialties and on growth markets. “The capacity increase in Bayport and in Altamira will give us additional resources in a dynamic market. It reduces the need to import volumes from other regions, allowing for more localized supply and at the same time supporting further growth in the other producing regions Ema and Apac. This also gives us additional flexibility to meet our customers’ expectations in growing markets, as in the Americas. Our investment in the Bayport plant will also free up volumes to further expand our business in other regions”, comments Kevin McQuade, CEO Ineos Styrolution.

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