Packaging Technology Industry 4.0 meets Packaging

Editor: Anke Geipel-Kern

With several developments Marchesini meets the customers need to Industry 4.0 solutions. At this year's Achema the Italian packaging specialist Marchesini will introduce many novelties for the Track&Trace, ­serialization, Industry 4.0 and aseptic packaging sectors. The Highlight will be a robotic blister line with integrated 4.0-Technology.

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The robotic blister line Integra 320 is set up to meet customers’ need in terms of industry 4.0.
The robotic blister line Integra 320 is set up to meet customers’ need in terms of industry 4.0.
(Source: Marchesini)

Insiders know: In Emilia-Romagna, you can not only make excellent holidays, even high­tech-fans will get their moneys worth here. In the region settle some of the most famous pharmaceutical suppliers in Italy. This collection of high-tech companies has made Emilia-Romagna a hot spot for packaging technology and named it “The Packaging Valley”. One of these companies is packaging specialist Marchesini headquartered in Pianoro. Here is the heart of the company, where Design, Research & Development, Sales, After Sales, Marketing, Accounting, Training and Quality Control are centralized and coordinated.

New Technologies Within Industry 4.0

Some of the developments made here, Marchesini will show at Achema in Frankfurt. The exhibition area will host six stand-alone machines and five lines, amongst which will be many novelties for the Track&Trace, serialization, ­Industry 4.0 and aseptic packaging sectors. Some weeks ago Marchesini has signed a 48 % acquisition of Sea Vision, a leading creator of vision and inspection systems used in Quality Control and Drug Counterfeiting. Goal is to develop new technologies and products within industry 4.0.

For sure, one of the highlights and the first result of the Sea Vision collaboration will be the robotic blister line Integra 320, set up to meet customers’ every need in terms of industry 4.0. The unit will be illustrated for the first time with a 5-camera infeed system, Valida, to ensure the multi-vision control of the shape, thickness and colour of the pills. It will also have an NIR active ingredient recognition system.

The integrated Scada system is developed together with Sea Vision: This system checks the mechanical and functional state of the machine by constantly monitoring the quality parameters and informs the operator accordingly. To conclude, the line will also be equipped with a predictive maintenance system to pinpoint possible mechanical problems and suggest appropriate scheduled maintenance actions.

New Factory For 3D Printing

Industry 4.0 will not only provide customers with future services, even Marchesini itself will benefit from industry 4.0-technologies. One example is the new factory built entirely for 3D printing, which is one of the main “declinations” of the Industry 4.0 model. The building will host all the three-­dimensional printers currently used by the Group, together with new and futuristic models that will work 24 hours a day to prototype samples in very short times and to develop machine parts that up to now have been produced ­externally.

The department will become the beating heart of 4.0 at Marchesini, making it possible to curb costs and to monitor production planning, machine wear and tear and error management. All this without even using a sheet of paper.

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