New Supply Contract for Linde in Singapore Industrial Gases for Methionine Complex

Editor: Alexander Stark

Linde Gas Singapore announced that it has signed a long-term contract to supply methane and hydrogen to Evonik Methionine SEA’s second world-scale methionine complex in Singapore.

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Linde Gas Singapore (LGS) is the operations base of The Linde Goup's business in Singapore as well as the hub for hydrogen-carbon monoxide (HyCO) operations support in Asia Pacific.
Linde Gas Singapore (LGS) is the operations base of The Linde Goup's business in Singapore as well as the hub for hydrogen-carbon monoxide (HyCO) operations support in Asia Pacific.
(Source: Linde Group)

Singapore — Linde is already supplying a range of gases to Evonik’s first methionine complex in Singapore (Me5) through its on-site gases facility, which began operations in 2014. For this second contract, the company will invest, build and operate a new gas production and supply facility that will be fully integrated with Evonik’s production complex for DL-methionine. The investment includes a steam reformer with Linde-designed carbon dioxide recovery technology to limit carbon emission into the atmosphere and it's proprietary high performance methane pressure swing adsorption system.

The Me6 complex is expected to commence operations in 2019. Linde’s Engineering Division will build the gases facility based on technologies designed to increase energy efficiency and environmental performance. Similar to the first plant, the second integrated gas plant will also use natural gas.

Sanjiv Lamba, Chief Operating Officer for Asia Pacific and Executive Board Member, Linde AG said, “I am delighted to further extend the relationship with Evonik following the award of the gas supply contract for Evonik’s second world-scale methionine complex in Singapore. We are proud of the partnership we share with Evonik across the globe and pleased by Evonik’s recognition of Linde’s superior technology offering and operational capabilities.”

He added “Asia is where the growth opportunities are and with our strong footprint across Asia, we are well positioned to capture this growth. We will continue to invest alongside world-class customers to ensure that we support them in their growth plans, while delivering on our strategy of sustainable, profitable growth in key market across Asia.”

Dr Emmanuel Auer, Head of the Animal Nutrition business line of Evonik, said, "Evonik already works with The Linde Group in several facilities around the world, and we are very glad to extend our partnership with Linde in Singapore. With this latest investment, Linde becomes a strategic partner for the Evonik methionine complex in Singapore in on-site gases facilities and related improvement projects. I am pleased that we have reached this agreement with Linde and look forward to a very successful long-term partnership here at our Jurong Island premises.”

Linde has steadily expanded and diversified its operations in Singapore over the past year. This includes its supply of specialty gases to the electronics and semiconductor industries. More recently, it has expanded into the healthcare business, supplying medical oxygen to more than a third of all hospitals in Singapore. Linde’s business on Jurong Island, Singapore, remains the hub for hydrogen-carbon monoxide (HyCO) operations support in Asia Pacific, operating one of the largest integrated HyCO facilities in the region. The company also owns one of the largest liquid carbon dioxide production plants in Singapore.

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