Energy Efficiency India's Power Plants Lack Energy Efficiency Measures, Rockwool States

Editor: Dominik Stephan

Are India's power plants energy hogs? Recently, Rockwool has stirred up the audience of the Power Plant Summit by showcasing facts and truths to prove that Indian Power Plants lack the desired levels of energy efficiency which could contribute greatly to fight back Climatic changes.

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Recent figures indicate the potential of energy efficiency measures in Indian power plants...
Recent figures indicate the potential of energy efficiency measures in Indian power plants...
(Picture: PROCESS)

New Delhi/India – The message was made clear at a Power Plant Summit organized by CII & NTPC. Rockwool presented to the industry dignitaries gathered, how the thermal insulation practices in the country are below par in comparison to the world class standards. With an ever growing demand for energy in the country, a large number of Thermal Power Plants are coming up to meet the demands, but the existing Power Plants are still running with less than 60% efficiency in many cases and in the rest there is enormous efficiency improvement potential through upgrading the Insulation. Presently negligible importance is given to the savings potentials of Thermal Insulations in the country.

Head-Corporate Affairs, Rockwool India & Middle East Group, Samson Suresh presented to the conference the facts on climate changes in the recent and questioned the audience if they are not responsible for it too? He also presented the current Insulation Trends in the country that is only an imitation to show that quality is improved but not in real.

“Climate is changing at a great pace but do we have a system apparatus to tackle the challenge? We met here last year and vowed improvement methods but now after a year have we changed? But let me tell you a brutal fact that even if we are changing or not, the Climate is!” Mr Suresh asked this challenging question to the audience.

Mr Suresh also mentioned that the company is constantly working with various State Governments and Regulation Bodies to improve the energy efficiency through thermal insulations. Furthermore, it has launched many awareness campaigns among the SMEs for energy efficiency in association with GIZ (A German Energy Efficiency Agency Partner to India’s Bureau of Energy Efficiency).