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Indian Powder and Bulk Solid Handling Suppliers See Sunny Days Ahead

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Energy is the Basis for Industrial Growth

All the growth estimated for the different industries, however, cannot be achieved without sufficient energy supply. Consequently, the developments of power generation capacity and distribution infrastructure have a top priority in India. Currently, Indian generation capacity amounts to approximately 175 gigawatts. According to the Central Electricity Authority (CEA), the country’s power planning body, in the fiscal year 2011-12, the government will actually be able to add only approximately 18,600 MW.

However, during the 12th five-year-plan, starting in 2012, the Indian Planning Commission has taken up an ambitious target of creating an additional 1,00,000 MW of generating capacity, of which 50 per cent would be delivered by the private sector, against 33 per cent currently generated by the independent power producers.

According to CEA, shortage of power-grade coal in the country is the reason behind failure to assure coal linkages to power plants proposed by private sector investors in the current fiscal. Thus, according to its forecast the thermal coal imports will grow by 85 per cent to 85 million ton by the end of this fiscal. As a major step in this direction, already Dr. Manmohan Singh, Prime Minister of India, has directed Coal India Ltd (CIL) to import coal to ensure supplies for 20 years to 50,000 MW power plants that are proposed to be commissioned by March 2015.

Technological Excellence and Expert's Exchange at Powder & Bulk Solids India 2012

Obviously, the scenario ensures a huge demand for powder and bulk solid handling devices and equipment in the days ahead. Thus, investors and users are now interested in critically investigating the merits of different available and emerging technologies to pick the best one to suit their powder and bulk solid handling requirements. Only recently the 'Powder & Bulk Solids India 2012', at Gujarat University Exhibition Hall in Ahmedabad, from 13 to 15th March gathered professionals from all kinds of industries, giving them a great opportunity to physically witness and evaluate different technologies. Manufacturers and suppliers of the powder and bulk material handling devices were given a platform to display their technological excellence.

* The author is the Managing Editor of Bulk Solids Handling magazine