Pluss Raises E-waste–Awareness Indian Polymer Specialists to Battle E-waste Problem

Editor: Dominik Stephan

Pluss Polymers in association with Advit Foundation had arranged an educational session on electronic waste management to spread awareness on 26th of April 2014. This session focused on the impact of electronic waste on health and environment and also emphasized on the need for its safe disposal.

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Pluss Polymers Spreads Awareness against e-Waste
Pluss Polymers Spreads Awareness against e-Waste
(Picture: PROCESS)

New Delhi/India - The vibrant session was intended to educate the teachers and the administrative staff of the school who would pass on the collected information to the students and encourage them to participate in a collective drive to deal with e-waste. “The social responsibility that we have undertaken does not end with one or two sessions. It is a continuous endeavor to spread awareness and also take measurable actions to make the world a better place to live in,” commented, Managing Director, Pluss Polymers, Samit Jain.

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