REACH in India Indian Manufacturer Promotes REACH for Emerging Markets

Editor: Dominik Stephan

Leading manufacturers and industrialist of the emerging economies call for a centralised evaluation and authorisation of chemicals: We asked RS Pandey, advisor of GHCL of India, about the future of the chemical industry in his home country and why it’s important for a country like India to have regulations such as REACH.

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“Reduce, recycle and reuse are now very essential parts of the process design of any upcoming new plant.” RS Pandey
“Reduce, recycle and reuse are now very essential parts of the process design of any upcoming new plant.” RS Pandey
(Picture: RS Pandey)

PROCESS: How has the journey of the chemical industry been in the recent years?

RS Pandey: Like most of the industries, the chemical industry too had to face challenges on the account of the slow down in the US and European economies. Most of the acquisitions abroad by the Indian chemical industries were not successful and resulted into huge financial impacts. However, today’s modern life is quite affected by products originated and developed by the chemical industry, and hence its growth is expected to bounce back.

India, with its current and growing population, urge for improved life style and life expectancy has great potential for the chemical industry. What is needed is, the scale of operations, energy and technologically efficient processes and concern for a safe and healthy environment. It is a matter of great satisfaction that more and more companies are opting for cleaner and energy efficient technologies which are cost effective and can meet the global challenges.

The Chemical Industry has Huge Potential in India...

PROCESS: The industry has long been cognizant of the immense challenges it faces to ensure sustainability. Could you please elucidate on certain innovations/measures that have been introduced to attain that goal?

RS Pandey: Environment protection and safety of people associated with the chemical industry has been one of the biggest challenges the industry has seen in recent times. It has however understood the challenge and become fully aware about its significance.

Reduce, recycle and reuse are now very essential parts of the process design of any upcoming new plant. Energy cost has been another big challenge but the innovations and engineering in this field for using various alternate sources of energy are leading towards sustainability.

...Especially With the Improved Life–Style of the Growing Population

PROCESS: How has the progress been on chemical inventory in India?

RS Pandey: There has been a definite improvement but the industry still carries huge inventory in comparison with the developed countries. The unreliability of timely supply forces the industry to maintain larger stocks. We have to go a long way in infrastructural and logistics development to improve this aspect. There is a need to exploit sea/river routes for movement of goods on account of speed as well as economics. Usage of bulkers for larger quantity movement is also the need of the hour. Sizes and quality of normal carriers also need improvement. Role of railways in modernizing its freight movement system is also vital for optimizing inventories.