Pharma Buyouts Indian Government to Restrict Buyouts of Domestic Pharma Companies?

Editor: Dominik Stephan

After a series of takeovers by multinational corporations, India thinks about restricting buyouts on its domestic pharma market.

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(Picture: Indian Chamber of Commerce)
(Picture: Indian Chamber of Commerce)

New Dehli/India – According to the Indian Economic Times, the Indian government thinks about restricting the buyout of Indian pharma companies by multinational corporations. After several takeovers on the Indian market, the government now debates restrictions on the buyout of local pharma companies.

The professional service company Ernst & Young, that was consulted in this issue by the Indian commerce department, suggested case-by-case clearance of takeovers by putting such deals under FIPB route, the Economic Times reports. Existing policies allow a 100% automatic foreign direct investment (FDI).