Overview of the Indian Pharma Industry

India Plans Pharma–Exports Expansion in Latin America

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Other Initiatives to Boost india's Pharma Exports

Pharmexcil has also taken several significant initiatives involving the various stakeholders to improve the quality mechanisms of Indian pharma products. The council plans to organize workshops and seminars in order to keep the Indian pharma industry aware of the changing regulatory regime in the export markets.

Elaborating on the matter, Director General, Pharmexcil, Dr P V Appaji said, “We have recently started an International Knowledge Exchange program under which we invite members of the regulatory authority from the export market and facilitates their visit to Indian academic institutes, R&D centers and meeting with senior government officials. Officials from Egypt and Kenya visited India and we plan to invite regulators from GCC and ASEAN region as well during this financial year.”

What India has in Store for Big Pharma

The recent measures taken by the Government of India and the other stakeholders are expected to reinforce India’s credibility as a responsible healthcare provider. With the opening up of new markets and continued investments from Indian pharmaceutical companies, the global pharma industry is expected to continue to benefit from the strong talent base and cost efficient manufacturing capabilities that the country offers.