Biotechnology India Establishes Regional Biotechnology Centre

Editor: Dominik Stephan

India's government approved plans to establish a regional centre for training and education in the biotechnology sector, a recent governmental statement said.

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(Picture: PROCESS India)
(Picture: PROCESS India)

New Dehli/India – In an attempt to drive innovation and create future employment in the biotechnology sector, the Indian government approved plans to build a regional centre for biotechnology training and education. Under the auspieces of the UNESCO, the government said, the centre will help to produce human resources to drive the innovation in biotechnology and to gain access to new opportunities and technologies. “The centre proposes to engage students in research by integrating science, engineering and medicine with a view to create high quality human resource in disciplinary and interdisciplinary areas,” a governmental statement said. “Further, the centre would also create physical infrastructure in critical platform technologies to support interdisciplinary education training and research in biotechnology for providing interface between agriculture or veterinary sciences and engineers and environmental biologists, ecologists and engineers for agricultural and environmental technologies in order to help molecular breeding, bio-energy and green technologies,” it added.