Oil Production Services Increasing the Oil Production Output in India and Overseas

Author / Editor: Swati Deshpande / Dominik Stephan

With the expertise in various fields of oil and gas production, Aker Powergas has emerged as a leading service provider in the oil and allied fields. The company has executed multiple projects in India and abroad with its technical skills and advanced technology. Here is a look at the company’s innovative solutions and its novel way of project execution...

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Well head platform project executed by Aker Solutions
Well head platform project executed by Aker Solutions
(Picture: Aker Powergas)

The oil & gas industry requires high levels of technical skills, employment of right equipment and advanced technology on the field. Bringing engineering and technologies for drilling, field development and production together, Aker Powergas is helping some of the most critical industry sectors run refineries and rigs smoothly.

Aker Powergas, which is a part of Aker Solutions ASA, Norway, has been operating in India for more than five decades. The company essentially offers services such as project management, engineering, procurement assistance and construction supervision to the oil & gas, petrochemicals, refining, polymers and minerals & metals industries in India, and abroad.

Becoming a Market Leader

The company’s cutting edge technologies help it maintain the leading position in the market. Aker’s subsea product portfolio is an excellent example of its technological innovation. Its expertise as a provider of complete subsea production systems is backed by an extensive portfolio of subsea products such as intervention and work-over systems, subsea umbilicals, power cables as well as processing and boosting technologies.

“We have also developed the subsea gas compression system, which represents a quantum leap for the oil & gas industry, as it helps to address declining reservoir pressures in large gas fields. It also offers a combination of economic and environmental benefits,” said Managing Director, Aker Powergas, Sanjay Joshi.

From Semi-Submersibles to Subsea Pipelines

Furthermore, the company’s oil & gas expertise has grown with the development of solid capabilities in engineering of offshore platforms, subsea pipelines, topsides of semi-submersibles & FPSOs, design of subsea equipment such as manifolds, tie-in connectors, templates and well intervention tools.

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