Vacuum Process Plants Increase in Productivity

Editor: M.A. Manja Wühr

By extending the functionality of the Ekato Unimix vacuum process plants for the production of high-quality cosmetic and pharmaceutical products, the productivity of the plants increases considerably.

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Unimix vacuum process plants
Unimix vacuum process plants
(Source: Ekato)

The new Cipmix bottom agitator for the Pre-Phase production results in a shortening of the premixing and heating times of the Ekato Unimix vacuum process plants. This optional functionality works in the pre-phase tank and offers a mixing, pumping and homogenizing function. That is how, e.g. the melting of wax pellets and pieces of fat are accelerated and the heating times are reduced up to 30 %. It also replaces a separate CIP pump for cleaning the pre-phase tank. The Cipmix is available for different pre-phase tank sizes. This option makes the Unimix vacuum process plants even more efficient.

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