Explosion Protection Goes Cloud Computing

In the Cloud, not up in Smoke – Cloud Based Explosion Protection

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How Cloud Computing Could Bring a huge Benefit for Explosion Protection

More and more facilities have an electronic system installed to monitor the site’s safety. The main safety factor and cause of problems, which is the human factor and lack of transparency, nevertheless, still exists. Now, the combination of Hazardmon with 4B’s Hotbus monitoring system could allow senior management, engineering management and technicians to have real time access to the data – anytime, anywhere This feature could dramatically increase transparency and help to ensure that company policies are fully adhered to and that a facility is safe.

The new product was initially presented in early 2013 at the GEAPS Exchange/Expo in Louisville, Kentucky, USA. There, Hazardmon caused much excitement from industry leaders and plant managers. Industry experts could see how this new product would give them “eyes on” their plant 24/7 and help make their sites to be safer and more reliable. Since then, a growing number of US and EU grain handling companies have installed Hazardmon and many more are planning on using it.

* The author is Electronics Sales Engineer at 4B