Flow Meter In Aeration Basins

Editor: Manja Wühr

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ST100 Aeration Flow Meter With Profibus Bus PA
ST100 Aeration Flow Meter With Profibus Bus PA
(Picture: FCI)

Fluid Components International’s ST100 thermal massflow meter was designed for application in aeration basins. According to the company the flow meter provides accurate performance over a wide flow range, easy installation, low maintenance requirements and digital bus communications versatility, including Profibus PA compatibility. The meter can be calibrated to measure process gas, including wet gas, mixed gases and dirty gases. The basic insertion style air/gas meter features a thermal flow sensing element that measures flow from 0.07 to 305 NMPS (0.25 to 1000 SFPS) with accuracy of ±0.75 percent of reading, ±0.5 percent of full scale. The flow meters include service up to 454 °C (850 °F) and are available with both integral and remote up to 300 meters electronics versions.