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ILUDEST Destillationsanlagen GmbH


Dec 29, 2017

ILUDEST® Single Case Controllers

Comprehensive range of microprocessor operated units for various control modes/functions. The indication of all set points and actual values is done via a LC-display. The control is menu-guided by means of a "push -turn" knob.

With optional interface RS 232 or 485 for the communication with a PC and CAN-BUS for the connection to other single case controller types.

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[DC/U]² Distillation Control Unit

With the following functions:

  • controlling of heating capacity (puls-package principle, 0-100 %)
  • adjustment of: reflux-/withdrawal ratio from 0:999…999:0 (s) total reflux, total withdrawal
  • display of sump and head temperature
  • possibility to preselect safety limit values, reaching of the same will lead to a total shut down of the distillation process

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