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Dec 30, 2017

Process Controllers for Automated Operation: Distillation Control System ILUDEST® [DC/MoS]²

PC-based Control System for Automated Operation

ILUDEST® ‘s PC-based Control System for Fully Automated Operation

The use of a computer-aided system is well suited for the control and regulation of distillation and rectification plants: the wide range of measurement and regulating tasks, the need for flexibility, ease of operation and a display of the operating parameters make the use of a computer with the relevant software and peripherals appear the ideal solution. Particular attention was paid to the following points when developing the regulating system for distillation plants:

  • Optimum separating performance by the individual plant thanks to easy adaptability, including changing distillation tasks
  • Simple operation through menu control
  • Withdrawal of further cuts into separate receivers
  • Intermittend operation for getting an optimum in distillate quality and quantity

Process sequences, regulating concepts and algorithms can be altered via the program without the need to intervene via the hardware. The system for controlling distillation and rectification plants comprises the following components:

  • Sensors within the plant: resistance thermometers, pressure probes, level probes etc.
  • Actuators in the plant: solenoid valves, heating elements, liquid and vacuum pumps, motorised regulating units etc.
  • Personal computer and accessories
  • ILUDEST® [DC/MoS]2 unit as an interface between distillation plant and PC

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