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ILUDEST Destillationsanlagen GmbH


Dec 31, 2017

Process Controllers for Automated Operation: Distillation Control Unit ILUDEST® [DC/MIC]³

Unit with graphical 15”-Touch-Panel (capacitive) providing the functions as below:

  • Heating control either through constant power or constant temperature
  • Reflux ratio range (0) 1…500 s / (0) 1…500 s
  • Temperature- or time-controlled distribution of the fractions by optional fraction valve
  • Vacuum-controlled (display)
  • Controlling of mantle heater
  • Numerical and graphical display of all measurements
  • Control of safety limits (temperature and differential pressure)
  • Cooling flow control
  • Automatic process:
    • Start-up process at increased heating power
    • Equilibrium-time under total reflux
    • Fractionation at individual reflux ratio
    • Termination of distillation process through maximum temperature, minimum level in the evaporator or time-controlled

The controller includes a recipe management
An optional software allows it to control the system by a remote PC

In- and outputs for the sensors/actuators:

  • 1x Head solenoid 24VDC max. 1A
  • 1x Fraction valve 24VDC max. 1A
  • 1x Vacuum valve 24VDC max. 1A
  • 1x Cooling water valve bistable
  • 1x Alarm output (isolated)
  • 2x Heating output each max. 230V 15A (please note: total current consumption max. 15A!)
  • 1x Output for vacuum pump 230V max. 4A
  • 1x Minimum level sensor input
  • 1x Cooling water sensor input
  • 1x Optional input
  • 1x Head temperature sensor Pt-100
  • 1x Flask temperature sensor Pt-100
  • 1x Heater temperature sensor Pt-100
  • 1x Toption1 Pt-100
  • 1x Toption2 Pt-100
  • 1x pabs (0...10V)

Plugs/sockets according to ILUDEST® standard.

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