Flavours IFF Opens New Flavours Facility in India

| Editor: Dominik Stephan

International Flavors & Fragrances (IFF) has opened a new facility in Delhi, India, to house creative, technical, sensory, and sales professionals for the company’s flavours business unit. The facility is located in Gurgaon, the industrial and financial center of the National Capital Region, and will service companies that provide prepared foods, sweets, beverages, and dairy products to the Indian market.

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Delhi/India – Hernan Vaisman, Group President, Flavours, added, “This is a very exciting time for our industry in India. Like a lot of working families and busy individuals around the world, India’s consumers are not only looking for great, authentic taste and convenience, they are also looking for healthier options in the foods they eat. We have extensive in-house talent creating the best tastes for the Indian market as well as excellent R&D capabilities and technologies that have already helped customers in other regions reduce sodium, sugar, and fat in their products. We are firmly committed to supporting our customers in this dynamic region.”