Bio Fuel Production ICM to design Bio Fuel Production Plant for ACA Bio

Editor: Marcel Dröttboom

ICM has signed a contract with ACA Bio Cooperative to design a dry-mill corn ethanol plant in Argentina with a 40 million gallons per year (approx. 150 million litre per year) production capacity. Completion of the facility is estimated for the first quarter of 2014.

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Colwich (KS), USA – This project will enable the region to benefit from the alternative use of corn in these production areas, as well as benefit from producing valuable co-products in a country with robust feedlot and dairy industries. The ethanol production capacity for ACA Bio will focus primarily on the country’s domestic markets. Last year, the government of Argentina announced that it had assigned an ethanol supply quota equal to 125 million liters per year to ACA Bio. According to a July 6, 2012 report published by the Global Agricultural Information Network of the United States Department of Agriculture Foreign Agricultural Service, bioethanol production in Argentina for 2013 is projected to be at a record 400 million litres. In addition, the USDA GAIN reported that the Argentine biofuels sector continues to expand as a result of its strong competitiveness. The vast supply of feedstocks, the existing processing infrastructure, and policies continue to encourage large investment in both bioethanol and biodiesel plants.