Feeding and Discharging Technology Hygienic Metering Feeders

Editor: Dr. Jörg Kempf

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(Picture: Brabender)
(Picture: Brabender)

At Powtech presented to the public for the very first time, visitors from the food industry can take a look at the brand-new gravimetric metering feeders from the “Brabender Food Line”developed in close cooperation with a leading food company in compliance with the relevant food standards, guidelines and recommendations (DIN EN 1672-2, EHEDG, FDA, etc.). The new product line comprises hygienic designs of a variety of wellknown and proven Brabender metering feeders like the Brabender FlexWall Plus Feeder with its paddle-agitated flexible hopper, loss-in-weight scales with stirring screw feeders, vibrating tray loss-in-weight feeders and Brabender weigh-belt feeders featuring high feed rates but compact dimensions. Thanks to this diversity the “Food Line“ offers suitable metering feeders for virtually all bulk ingredients commonly metered in the food industry.