South Africa: Low Margins for Titanum Dioxide Huntsman to Close its South African Titanium Dioxide Facility

Editor: Alexander Stark

Huntsman announced a plan to close its 25,000 metric ton TiO2 manufacturing facility based in Umbogintwini, South Africa during the fourth quarter 2016.

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Umbogintwini/South Africa – The Umbogintwini plant is the smallest and oldest TiO2 manufacturing plant in the Pigments and Additives division. Under the proposed plan, production at the plant will end during the fourth quarter 2016 after which Huntsman will serve its customers in the region with existing capacity from its European TiO2 facilities.

Simon Turner, President of Huntsman Pigments and Additives division said: “Our margins remain well below historical norms despite some recent recovery from trough conditions. It is critical that we continue our successful cost reduction and synergy program to combat such conditions. We have sufficient capacity across our production network to allow us to close our smallest facility, still meet our customers’ needs and improve our overall competitiveness."

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