Iron Sulfate Project Huntsman Completes Iron Sulfate Plant in Scarlino, Italy

Editor: Dominik Stephan

Huntsman has completed its new € 38 million iron sulfate plant at its titanium dioxide (TiO2) pigment manufacturing facility in Scarlino, Italy. Design and construction were carried out by Jacobs Engineering of the US.

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Jacobs Designs and Builds Iron Sulfate Plant for Huntsman Pigments in Italy
Jacobs Designs and Builds Iron Sulfate Plant for Huntsman Pigments in Italy
(Picture: Jacobs)

Scarlino/Italy – Jacobs worked closely with Huntsman to execute the project from its Milan, Italy office; providing engineering and design, procurement assistance, construction management and project management services for the project, which involved safely integrating the new facility into the existing operating plant. “We are delighted to have worked alongside Huntsman to support this strategic project”, Jacobs Group Vice President Edward Pagano stated. “We were able to leverage our global experience in complex chemical facilities, and our long working relationship with Huntsman gave us an integral understanding of their business drivers and operations.”

Once commissioned, the new iron sulfate plant is expected to enable Huntsman to use a wider range of feedstock in its pigment production, reduce gypsum generation and convert spent acid from the manufacturing process into iron sulfate products for application in other markets. Commissioning of the new plant is now underway. It is expected to be fully operational in the fall of 2014.

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