Merger of companies Huge Merger Between Dow and Dupont About to Conclude?

The two largest American chemical companies Dow and Dupont are about to merge. According to the reports of several media companies, both the companies are in a process of negotiation over a merger, with which they would replace BASF as the largest chemical company.

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This picture shows the German Site of Dow in Stade.
This picture shows the German Site of Dow in Stade.
(Bild: The Dow Chemical Company / Hager Press)

Frankfurt – With the company merger of Dow and Dupont, an industry giant would emerge with a market value of more than 120 billion dollars. According to Spiegel Online, the companies could enter into an agreement in this week. The current market value of BASF is 65 billion Euro according to the commercial journal.

The companies have not expressed any views regarding the speculations so far. However, it is expected that the merger of both the companies would not be for a longer duration. The chemical giant could then split into the business sectors synthetics, specialty chemicals and agricultural chemistry.