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How to make Tablet Produktion efficient

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Avoiding down-times

For replacement parts, supply must be guaranteed at all production locations. Parts are delivered via a logistics network with the company central office in Germany (Schwarzenbek) as well as with eight subsidiaries in Asia, China, France, India, Latin America, Mexico, Spain and the USA.

For optimal supply of original replacement parts, the manufacturer conducts a risk assessment for all important component assemblies in order to establish suitable part packets for each case.


Especially in the case of a technical fault, the support must function smoothly worldwide. Pharma companies often complain that communication paths are too complicated or are tied to long waiting times. With conventional modem connections, remote maintenance is apparently often not possible with mechanical or process-related problems.

New network architecture is promised by the “Service Portal”, a digital platform operated in cooperation with partners in the pharma alliance Excellence United. In the event of a fault, the total of over 600 service technicians can find a solution quickly via the SSL-protected remote access.

Global Customer Support also includes life-cycle management, which can considerably prolong the service lifetime of tablet presses. Here, management already begins with optimum training of the operators. A key point is that the training on offer should conform to the staff qualification demanded by the FDA (21CFR Part 11 §211.25). At Fette Compacting’s competence centres, there are corresponding training opportunities in various languages.

The technical quality and service lifetime of the tablet presses can raised further by an application optimisation. In relation to the plant as a whole, an OEE consultation offers a particularly high potential improvement.

For optimising the OEE value, Fette Compacting has developed a model with four components: use of tools, service and maintenance procedures, operator qualification levels and the production process itself. The value creation of a plant depends on optimal interplay of all these factors.

* * The author is in charge of Global Customer Support, Fette Compacting in Schwarzenbek.