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Petrochemicals: Resource Efficiency How to Improve Resource Efficiency in the Petrochemical Industry

Editor: Anke Geipel-Kern

More from less — that was the slogan of the More project, whose goal was the definition of real-time indicators for more resource efficiency in the process. But how to monitor the complex production processes of a cracker? The two consortium participants Ineos and S-Pact developed a ready-to-use feed stream analyser based on Raman Spectroscopy. A real success story paid off in cash.

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The Petrochemical Industry is not the common suspect for being extremely innovative and environmentally friendly. No surprise, since the public perception is still that of a smoky, polluting, and archaic type of industry, turning over large quantities of non-appealing blackish stuff.

Energy Cost as a Key Efficiency Factor

But obviously, this is not quite the truth. In modern times of resource shortness, high prices for energy, and a public interest in clean and green processing, optimising resource efficiency is an intrinsic interest for all major players in the field. In particular, the very first links in the petrochemical value chain like crude distillation, steam cracking, or steam reforming are large consumers of energy, with economic success strongly depending on efficient use of resources.