Dryers How to Dry Fluidised Products

Editor: Dominik Stephan

The main component of SMS's Combi Fluidization Technology is the CFT dryer: This dryer is filled with dry product, which is fluidized by the rotor. The wet product is fed into the hot fluid bed and due to the movement of the bed it is evenly distributed throughout the dry product and dried efficiently.

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News from Powtech 2013
News from Powtech 2013
(Picture: Nuernberg Messe)

The formation of sticky/viscous phases, the direct contact of the wet feed with the heat exchange surface and the consequential formation of crusts are avoided to a large extent. The whole process is comparable to conventional drying with external reflux system, but with the Combi Fluidization Technology external mechanical work is no longer necessary. The vapour cleaning is integrated into the drying room of the CFT dryer, so that vapours can be easily processed in a condenser or rectifier. This technology can be used for many different applications, as various heating methods are available for temperatures up to 600°C. The CFT dryer can be operated under vacuum or overpressure. Many of the slurries and sludges occurring in the field of environmental protection, as e. g. paint and varnish sludges, can be processed under atmospheric pressure. The Combi Fluidization Technology also offers an interesting alternative with regard to cost and energy demand compared to the spray drying of products with sticky phases, the company states

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