Automating Conveying

How to Achieve Operational Excellence through Conveyor Automation

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Why Timing is Essential when Automating Conveying Processes

Cart timing is also referenced by the control system. Each of the tray sorters can have a cart labeled as number one that is monitored by several sensors along its path – a corresponding algorithm then allows the position of each individual tray within the system to be determined. These three main sorting lines move at a speed of 1.74 m/s and achieved maximum sorting capacity of 27,000 packages per hour.


In case of automation, software and hardware systems have to support each other well enough as they are interdependent. The company has developed Automation Studio 4, a software development tool, which enables integrating all controllers on Powerlink and faster deployment through parallel development of algorithms. It ensures smooth operations of the conveying and hence brings ease in operations, improves efficiency and reduces time consumption.

* Source: B&R Automation

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