Drives How the Use of Variable Speed Drives Increases Production

Editor: Dominik Stephan

A leading coil processing equipment manufacturer eliminated reliability issues and increased speed production by 300 per cent by incorporating variable speed drives from Control Techniques, an Emerson business. Read on to know more...

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The Athader facility near San Sebastian in northern Spain manufactures coil processing lines.
The Athader facility near San Sebastian in northern Spain manufactures coil processing lines.
(Source: Emerson Industrial Automation)

Athader, based near San Sebastian in northern Spain, manufactures coil processing lines, mainly slitting lines and leveling and cut-to length lines for steel, stainless steel and aluminum material. Equipment manufactured by the company, which is part of the Bradbury Group, is destined for customers that include steel coil processors, rolling mills and profile and tube manufacturers, 80 per cent of which are located outside of Spain.

Until recently, in order to match customer specifications, Athader used a number of different brands for its drive requirements. However, the company was becoming increasingly frustrated with reliability issues.

The Practical Scenario

When a coil processing line experiences a breakdown situation, there is a high probability of production losses for the customer, as well as the potential to damage mechanical parts. As a result, Athader’s preference is to use drives, motors and global solutions supplied by Emerson.

According to the company, because a number of its machines are bespoke in line with specific customer needs, the adapted solutions provided by Emerson are fundamental to business success. This is important considering the type of machines manufactured by Athader, such as steel winders/ unwinders, stacking machines, rolling machines, etc., With regard to the latter, a rotary shear device for high thickness coil is expected to work at 100 m/min, while a flying shear system for very high yield stress material (with a high pressure rating of 1100 Mpa) works at 50 m/ min. Despite these elevated speeds, precision must be within ±0.2 mm.

Providing Impressive Speed and Response

Aside from the high performance and reliability of Unidrive M variable speed drives, Athader says that the products provide impressive speed and response, which in turn allows high dynamic application control with repeatable precision. The intelligent modules used with the drives permit the company to manage comprehensive programs requiring motion in several axes and profiles synchronized with high precision.

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