Interview Biotechnica 2013 How the Bioeconomy Brings Solutions for the Future

Editor: Marc Platthaus

The bioeconomy is again to be found in two of the three marketplaces (Innovation in Food and Industrial Biotechnology) at this year’s Biotechnica. Why efficient foodstuff production and modern chemical production processes can benefit from a strong bio­economy is explained by Dr. Jochen Köckler, board-member at the Deutsche Messe, in this interview.

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Dr. Jochen Köckler: “Biobased processes are helping us to compensate shortages of ressources“
Dr. Jochen Köckler: “Biobased processes are helping us to compensate shortages of ressources“
(Bild: Platthaus/LABORPRAXIS)

LABORPRAXIS: Dr. Köckler, the bioeconomy is one of the big keywords at this year’s Biotechnica. How can we picture this theme and what are your thoughts?

Dr. Jochen Köckler: The bioeconomy will be one of the central themes of our future society. The main point is that bio-based processes and techniques are increasingly being used in order to compensate for the ever greater shortages of resources. Worldwide food security with healthy foodstuffs, sustainable agricultural production, the industrial use of regrowable raw materials and the use of regenerative energies are central challenges at international level regarding the gradual replacement of the mineral oil-based economy by a bio-based economy. And politicians are reacting: By 2016 the German government will have invested 2.4 billion euros in connection with its National Research Strategy Bio-economics 2030, which is dedicated to exploring how to realize the potential of knowledge-based bio-economicy. For this, biotechnology is certainly providing answers, and a large proportion of these answers can be seen here at the Biotechnica.

Towards the Bio-Based World at Biotechnica

LABORPRAXIS: How are you portraying this topics during these days in Hannover?

Dr. Köckler: At this year's Biotechnica we are showing, among other things, the industrial use of biogenic materials along the whole value creation chain in the bioeconomy and, with the platform BioBasedWorld in cooperation with the DECHEMA, we bridge the gap between industry and foodstuff technology. With Bio­BasedWorld, we want to make the bio-economy visible across the board, and help players across sectors and disciplines to network together and create values.

LABORPRAXIS: How do you see the current status of German biotechnology?

Dr. Köckler: The industrial location Germany is very important for biotechnology in general and the future of this sector. We are path­breakers in many economic areas and, as an export nation, certainly the right location for many modern and scientifically highly complex themes, which can then become global solutions. Biotechnology is a fascinating industry with huge potential for innovation and development. So we hope that, with Biotechnica 2013, we can contribute further to the integration of this theme.

Many thanks for talking to us, Dr. Köckler.

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