Green Automation

How Process Control Solutions Will Help Meet the Challenges

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Green automation

So what is the Siemens green automation solution, and how can it help provide sustainable environmental protection in the process industries?

At the heart of green automation is the distributed control system (DCS). But Siemens’ Simatic PCS 7 process control system is far more than just a conventional DCS. It is a complete plant-wide system capable of seamlessly integrating variable-speed drives, field instruments, and electrical control and distribution equipment. It can also be used to integrate building automation systems and higher-level production and management systems such as MES, MIS and ERP.

The integrated Plant Asset Management package provides a complete view of the plant’s assets, allowing the use of preventative and predictive maintenance across the entire plant. Higher-level closed-loop control strategies such as advanced process control (APC) and intelligent tools such as SIPAT increase sustainability by increasing plant efficiency.


Unnecessary energy use is estimated to cost the EU over € 7 million every day. A significant contributor to this waste is plants that are not equipped with energy-efficient motors or variable-speed drives (VSDs), or in some cases the use of oversized VSDs. Intelligent motor controllers and electrical control equipment can also reduce energy costs, while intelligent electricity meters reveal the priorities in power saving.

  • Energy-efficient motors use up to 40 percent less power than standard motors;
  • converter-based VSDs can cut energy costs for fan, pump and compressor drives by 60–70 percent compared to fixed-speed motors used with valves and dampers;
  • integrating intelligent VSDs with energy recovery functionality into the control system can further increase energy efficiency by up to 10 percent;
  • APC can reduce power consumption in the process industries by up to 10 percent, as well as boosting yield by 2–10 percent and increasing plant capacity by 1–5 percent;
  • Simatic PCS 7 with Powerrate intelligent meters provides a comprehensive plant-wide energy management solution that can reduce energy costs by up to 20 percent.

As well as reducing power consumption at the point of use, it is also important to make best use of precious fuels by using more-efficient gas turbines in power stations, and to use renewable sources such as waste, wind, solar, wave and tidal power.

  • Simatic PCS 7 provides a complete integrated plant-wide control and monitoring system;
  • Siemens has a global network of experts with extensive experience in energy projects.