Green Automation

How Process Control Solutions Will Help Meet the Challenges

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To Siemens, sustainability is more than a newspaper headline. The company’s responsibility, and its goal, is to help achieve a sustainable and well-balanced world economy and environment. “Creating Sustainable Value through Technological Leadership” is one of the cornerstones of Siemens’ corporate responsibility.

Siemens is a member of the World Business Council for Sustainable Development (WBCSD;, a CEO-led global association of some 200 companies. The WBCSD provides a platform for companies to explore sustainable development, to share knowledge, experience and best practice, and to advocate business positions on these issues in a variety of forums, working with governments as well as non-governmental and intergovernmental agencies.

Siemens initiatives for social, economic and environmental responsibility include:

  • helping to provide medical solutions to diagnose and detect illnesses and diseases;
  • providing solutions for the traceability of drugs to help the fight against counterfeiting and to support patient safety;
  • supporting the pharmaceutical industry in its research for new drugs to combat disease;
  • providing products and solutions that helped companies reduce their CO2 emissions by 210 million tonnes in fiscal 2009; and
  • investing over € 850 million in developing products and solutions to help provide environmental and climate protection.

Peter Loescher, President and CEO of Siemens, said recently: “Our environmental portfolio makes us the world market leader in green technologies.” Siemens’ “green automation” solutions are helping companies meet their regulatory requirements, reduce their emissions, reduce their carbon footprints and optimize their processes. The results include less waste, clean and safe drinking water, new energy sources such as biofuels, wind power, energy from waste, and much more.