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How LIMS Turns Complexity into Productivity for Biofuels Production

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How LIMS Ensures Regulatory Compliance

Biofuels facilities must comply with a wide range of regulations and standards, and demonstrating that compliance requires meticulous recordkeeping. What’s more, regulatory oversight is likely to increase as biofuels processes that rely on synthetic biology become more commonplace. A LIMS eases compliance by storing all the data it collects and organizing it into exportable reports. ASTM D7682, “Specification for Butanol for Blending with Gasoline for Use as Automotive Spark–Ignition Engine Fuel,” is just one standard of note in the industry. It dictates test methods and performance requirements for mixing butanol with gasoline.

Relevant parameters monitored include butanol and water content, acidity, inorganic chloride, solvent–washed gum, sulfur content and total sulfate — Monitoring all these parameters requires a whole suite of analytical instruments. By integrating all these instruments with the LIMS, a facility can easily turn the mountain of data generated into useable information, dashboards for management or an automatically compiled compliance report. The modern LIMS is also capable of managing environmental sampling programs, scheduling the regular collection and processing of samples and monitoring effluent discharges to ensure that any modified organisms are not allowed to impact the local ecology.


Keep Moving

The biofuels industry is subject to constant innovation, resulting in both disruption and opportunity. The LIMS plays an important role in helping producers achieve long–term performance and profitability because it minimizes process disruption and optimizes the use of precious manufactured organicisms. With new microorganisms and processes under development, the industry is in constant flux, but a flexible and extensible laboratory, enabled by a LIMS, is the best way to ensure a profitable future in modern biofuels.

* The author is Project Director at Thermo Fisher Scientific