Advanced Process Control

How Intelligent Technology Squeezes Maximum Profit from the Plant

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How Advanced Control helps

Capitalising on the full potential of modern control techniques is vital to maximising production and remaining competitive. Any industry with complex processes can gain tremendous benefits, including refineries, ethylene and chemical plants and processes where there is change (i.e. feedstock, temperature change, operational target changes).

APC can be applied to any process where outputs can be optimised on-line and in real-time and anywhere that has a Distributed Control System (DCS) or Programmable Logical Circuit (PLC) in place and where you can model the dynamic predictive behaviour of the plant.


In addition, the software improves process safety and reduces environmental emissions. Benefits from implementing APC can range from 2% to 6% of operating costs and by reducing process variability plants will be operated to their designed capacity.

Profitable gains from implementing APC include:

• Reduce energy costs between 3 – 5 %

• Increase throughput up to 5%

• Minimise erosion of benefits

• Return controllers to service faster after turnarounds

• Reduce controller maintenance costs by 25%

• Increase benefits by continually improving performance

• 10% - 20% increase in total APC benefits