Advanced Process Control How Intelligent Technology Squeezes Maximum Profit from the Plant

Author / Editor: Norbert Meierhoefer / Anke Geipel-Kern

Modern process plants are becoming more complex. With commercial pressures to optimise product quality and maximise profits, refineries and chemical companies face on-going operational problems. Protecting assets is vital in ensuring that capital hardware investments are safeguarded, production runs smoothly and engineering time is used effectively.

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The Author Norbert Meierhoefer is Business Support Director by AspenTech.
The Author Norbert Meierhoefer is Business Support Director by AspenTech.
(Bild: Aspentech)

In the process industries Advanced process control (APC) delivers the perfect combination. It maximises operational performance and process profitability enabling companies to get much more from their assets. In the past, if you selected APC there was a heavy reliance on highly experienced specialists to perform time-consuming tasks to maintain and utilise the technology.

Also, those same engineers spent a lot of time with less sophisticated tools trying to improve the control of plant behaviour, which was not optimal because of the lack of leading-edge software. With APC today, process manufacturers can now independently maintain the running of their plants in an optimal way using intuitive and highly advanced software.

No dollars left on the table

It is mission critical to operate a plant safely and prevent disruptions to production, but at the same time to optimise operations to stay competitive and maximise profit. Change occurs every minute as feedstock composition and ambient conditions alter.

Each change that occurs has an effect and the aim is to control and manage the variables to achieve the quality and the amount of product that is required. Only if you know the predictive behaviour of the plant can you counteract on time to keep the plant at the optimal target.

The plant operator is not in a position to manually react to such changes and conduct corrective actions on a minute-by-minute basis and in an optimal way. APC gives manufacturers the solution to solve these issues providing far-reaching operational, financial and time-management benefits.

The software automatically improves operational efficiency, maximises process profitability and business competitiveness. It reduces cost, maintenance time and disruption through real-time asset optimisation, delivering improved visibility and decision support.