Adhesive Development How Innovative Bioadhesives Address Several Unmet Needs

Editor: Dominik Stephan

Biocompatabile, eco-friendly and versatile: Bio–based adhesives could be the right choice for today's needs, a new study says. But their limited shelf life has limited their use - until now...

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(Picture: PROCESS)

Vast technological capabilities and the addition of more viable solutions have gradually reduced unmet needs across several industries. The industry is ripe for innovations from small companies with many bioadhesive vendors licensing new solutions to product developers looking to strengthen their portfolios and market positions. New analysis from Frost & Sullivan — Impact of Bioadhesives in Key Sectors — finds that animal glues, starch and gum-based bioadhesives have found uses in key sectors, thereby fulfilling the need for biocompatibility, eco-friendliness and adhesion.

While bioadhesives are as generally as competent as synthetic adhesives, a major drawback is limited shelf life. In healthcare especially, the need to reduce operating costs strengthens demand for products that last longer in internal tissues. Moreover, shelf-life requirements for individual sectors differ; hence, research projects must focus on blending polymers to derive the most capable products.

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