Interview: Future Facility How Does the Facility of the Future Look Like?

Editor: Anke Geipel-Kern

Experts all around the world are working on the future of pharmaceutical production. Gert Moelgaard, Vice President Strategic Development, NNE Pharmaplan is one of them. PROCESS Worldwide asked him about the schedule for implementation.

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(Picture: NNE Pharmaplan)

Mr. Moelgaard, NNE Pharmaplan is engaged in the ISPE-working group, which addresses the “GPS – Global Positioning Strategy”, developing the future of pharmaceutical production. Which goals does the working group pursue?

Moelgaard: The ISPE initiative to develop a “GPS – Global Positioning Strategy” came from ISPE’s International Leadership Forum, ILF, a group of industry leaders from a number of leading pharmaceutical companies around the world. ILF started the initiative because there are many challenges and opportunities for the pharmaceutical manufacturing of the future, both within manufacturing, quality, equipment and engineering that the pharmaceutical industry and its suppliers and regulators should cooperate on.

Facility of the Future – More than Just Pretty Words?

What does ISPE mean with the phrase “Facility of the Future”?

Moeelgaard: There are many aspects of “Facilities of the Future”, both in new facilities and in upgrades of existing. For examples the need for more cost-effective manufacturing, smaller products, higher flexibility, new regulatory expectations and outdated equipment, just to mention a few. Technologies for continuous manufacturing, single-use biotech solutions, closed systems, Process Analytical Technology (PAT) are some examples.

How does ISPE want to implement the new strategy?

Moelgaard: In some of the companies that participate it has already started. Some of the companies have implemented new facilities with continuous manufacturing, real-time-release of products based on PAT technology, extensive use of single-use bioprocessing equipment etc. ISPE’s “Facility of the Future” initiative will enable companies to share practical experience and contribute to bringing pharmaceutical innovation forward.