Cyber Security

How Cyber Security Helps to Transport Gas Safely Across the Continent

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The assessment process takes inventory of all cyber assets, how they are connected and programmed. This includes servers, network switches, user terminals, desktop and laptop PCs, PLCs and controllers, terminal racks, wireless transmitters and receivers and mobile devices on the network.

Through the assessment, Honeywell’s team documented the vulnerabilities in all facets of the client’s pipeline operation, interpreted and assessed the associated cyber security threats, and provided a


roadmap to mitigate risks. This included:

  • Site and system assessment—Review of particular site and system-specific vulnerabilities
  • Policy and procedures assessment—Review of current policy and procedure documents.
  • Compliance assessment—Review of operations and processes against applicable compliance standards and best practices
  • Security baseline—Gauges progress against current status and operating model for security
  • Risk assessment—Identifies appropriate levels of security for each asset

The final analysis included suggestions for improvement by order of importance, a project plan and order-of-magnitude costs for budgetary purposes. Going forward, Honeywell will help the client further develop or refine and execute their cyber security program.