Cyber Security

How Cyber Security Helps to Transport Gas Safely Across the Continent

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A cyber event, whether caused by an external adversary, an insider, or inadequate policies and procedures, can initiate a loss of system control, resulting in negative consequences.

The user recognized the importance of the cyber security profile of its gas distribution pipelines and equipment. An operational incident underscored the need to better manage networks and data access. It had become clear that the company required expertise in the niche market of IT security as applied to critical control networks.


Taking The Risk out Of Gas Operations – What to Consider

Honeywell Industrial IT Solutions provided quality service and professional results to the client on more than one occasion. In this instance, they needed help assessing and remediating the cyber security vulnerabilities of their gas distribution pipelines and equipment. Their solutions for oil and gas pipelines promote safety, environmental responsibility, and efficient operations.

Honeywell’s industrial cyber security expertise has been evolving over the last decade, combining best practices from traditional IT with the needs of a complex process control environment. The cyber security vulnerability assessment is designed to examine the three core facets of an organization’s cyber security:

  • People: What is the cyber security awareness level in the organization? Are staff members following security policies and procedures? Have they been adequately trained to implement the security program?
  • Process: What are the cyber security policies and procedures in place in the organization? Do these policies and procedures meet key requirements?
  • Technology: What cyber security technologies are in use in the organization? How are these technologies configured and deployed?