Powder Synthesis How Continuous Processes Make their Way into Powder Synthesis

Editor: Manja Wühr

Continuous process to produce powders with freely adjustable properties — Whatever the field — medical engineering, battery technology or special pigments — companies looking to develop new applications for high-performance materials are dependent on new and innovative production technologies. A milestone in the production of customised powders has now been reached in Weimar, Germany.

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(Sources: Glatt)

The increasing demands being placed on the functionality and service life of components, equipment and machinery is a global phenomenon that constantly poses new challenges for the materials technology and materials development sectors.

Advanced powders offer a means of achieving maximum functionality and outstanding performance. Despite significant innovation over the last few years, today’s powder manufacturers are specialised on a narrow range of materials.


A Wide Range of APplications

The range of standard products currently available effectively limits the performance achievable in technical applications. The type of customer-specific solutions needed for the latest high-performance materials demand technological solutions that are simply not available in many cases.

The Process Technology Food, Feed & Fine Chemicals division at Glatt Ingenieurtechnik has developed its Advanced Pulse Powder Technology (APPtec) — a continuous, thermal process for generating powders. The special thermodynamic conditions within the APPtec reactor enable the synthesis and configuration of innovative, high-performance powder materials that offer unique and previously unavailable combinations of properties.

The chemical composition of the particles can be adjusted over a wide range, enabling the production of doped materials, materials with complex stoichiometries and coated particles.

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