China’s Process Industry How China’s Process Industry Sets the Pace for the Sector in E-Commerce

Editor: Gabriele Ilg

China has caught up with the West in many technological fields, and has in certain areas become a trendsetting nation that defines future standards. Among these are E-Commerce, online services and digital platforms. Not surprisingly, the country is at the forefront of digitization, e-payment systems, online trading channels and service platforms.

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New applications and IT platforms are springing up like mushrooms, and even if some of them disappear as quickly as they appeared, the whole mobile communication sector is extraordinarily dynamic.

For western companies, any successful marketing strategy in China has to be structured around “BATS” trading systems. This means, it is mandatory to combine purchasing or trading platforms with services like transaction, payment or delivery through the same channels in a consistent way, and bring together all of this with interesting, frequently updated content.