Petroleum & Chemical Engineering Forum How can China's Petrochemical Industry Achieve Higher Profitability?

Editor: Dominik Stephan

A forum for one of China's core industries: The 3rd International Forum on Petroleum & Chemical Engineering 2014 –organized by PROCESS China – took place in Nanjing during May 2014. It provided an insiders perspective into one of the world's most dynamic markets.

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Attendees visited Huisheng (Nanjing) Clean Energy
Attendees visited Huisheng (Nanjing) Clean Energy
(Picture: PROCESS China)

Petrochemical industry as one of pillar industries of the country plays a key role in the development of national economy in China, while “the 12th –five year plan period” is a crucial transforming period for petrochemical industry from focusing scale to stressing strength. In this new trend of development, petrochemical enterprise shall positively adjusts engineering construction and operation mode at the time of seeking for new opportunities to minimize engineering cost and maintenance cost, maximize the ROI and build up safe, green and smart new –type plants.

Therefore, PROCESS organized the International Forum on Petroleum & Chemical Engineering to build up a high-end international communication platform in petrochemical projects, project management, facility maintenance and production technology. So far the first and the second forums have been closed. As to the third forum this year, we cooperated with Nanjing Chemical Industrial Park and over 150 audiences were invited to the forum to share their experience.

Insights into Development and Investments

At this forum, Miss Zhang Fuqin, a senior petrochemical expert was invited to analyze the hot points of the development and investment of China’s petrochemical industry; Mr. Xu Zhijian, Director of Mechanical Maintenance Department of BASF-YPC introduced the practices of risk-based maintenance thought in BASF-YPC; Mr. Yang Jingqiang, Maintenance Manager of Shanghai Poly Cyanate Ester shared his experience in “Shutdown and Repair of Facility” with audiences; Mr. Xu Jiande, Manager of Reliability and Process Control of Celanese (Nanjing) Introduced the method of reliability management in the company.

Many technical experts from petrochemical enterprises and facility suppliers like Sinopec Qilu, Pruftechnik, Foer, Intergraph, Kenner Metal and Vaisala around engineering construction, facility maintenance, project management, engineering optimization, measurement and test among so many topics. Besides, there was a product exhibition zone set during the forum to present the latest products and technologies in petrochemical industry.

As the last content of the forum, the attendees visited Nanjing Chemical Industrial Park, especially Huisheng (Nanjing) Clean Energy in the afternoon, May 16. Visit the 2014 Cheforum's Websitefor the updated information about the forum.

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