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How Bartec will Drive The New Mobility in Process Industry

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Where does the problem lie for the customer?

Where does the division manager see maximum potential? It is obviously about increasing the productivity and integration, but also about reducing errors and breakdown times, he says. It is important to make the right offer to each user group.

If you want to see an R+I pattern in the field, you need a larger screen that takes a photo of a damage to send the image to its operating engineer and to take short instructions, requiring a camera-suitable smartphone.

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Here, the user expects the same comfort and performance like for devices, which are used in non-Ex areas. Bartec has identified maintenance as quite a big field of application, as here it is an advantage for those making end devices and the amortisation times are the highest.

Halmuschi’s favourite example is from the oil industry and his convincing argument for the smartphone Impact X: The handy device facilitates recording of HD videos on an oil platform or the transfer of a latest maintenance scenario using a suitable helmet camera. Video conference instead of a helicopter journey, even that is possible.

A helicopter journey on an oil platform costs 50,000 euros, says Halmuschi: “The smartphone amortizes in less than one single saved use.” In the chemical industry, one has not reached so far. But the market is developing. “Initially, customer ordered three of four devices for testing purposes, but now the big projects are coming”, explains Halmuschi.

Globally active companies are not looking for one single product is what his customer experience says, but a tailor-made solution, which fulfils all company standards and provides a good balance of consistency, reliability and technical innovation.

Customer orientation is therefore the key for him. To supply a single-time designed end device over many years with the same features is not a problem for Bartec, Halmuschi says. “We are supplying to a customer in the Middle East, who wants to use a smartphone without the camera function for cultural and security reasons.”

The latest mobile offer is now completed step-by-step. Bartec will introduce two other devices at SPS IPC Drives: An Android tablet with a display size of 7 inches and a mobile computer with 4.3 inches. Both devices fill the gaps in the existing range.