India: Refining Automation Honeywell Inaugurates Refining Technology Center in West Bengal

Editor: Dominik Stephan

The Indian Minister of Petroleum and Natural Gas, Dharmendra Pradhan recently unveiled a new refining technology at Honeywell’s India Technology Center, which is dedicated to helping Indian refiners get more clean transportation fuels from every barrel of oil.

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Haryana/India – The technology is one of the several technologies being developed at the center by Honeywell UOP, a world leader in developing and licensing process technologies used in oil refining and the production of petrochemicals and renewable fuels in India and globally. The company has invested about $40 million at the facility, which is one of the main technology development hubs for Honeywell UOP outside the US. It also develops technologies for other Honeywell businesses in the region. “The Indian Government is committed to innovation and being an early adopter of technologies to drive growth for the country. I am pleased to launch this new Honeywell technology, dedicated to making Indian refiners more competitive and efficient,” Pradhan said.

The technology inaugurated at the event is a pilot plant specifically designed to develop advanced hydrocracking catalysts that can more efficiently produce higher yields of clean-burning diesel fuel from crude oil. The technology can allow Indian refiners to get more from each barrel of oil, helping reduce imports of crude oil while producing environmentally preferable diesel fuels.

“The Prime Minister’s visionary call to realize a 10 percent reduction in the country’s crude imports by 2022 has already set a challenge before the Indian hydrocarbon sector, making this advanced hydrocracking technology the solution of choice to help meet this goal and meet the growing demand for energy in India,” said Managing Director, UOP India Pvt Ltd, Steven C. Gimre.

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