Automation Honeywell Enraf Launches Intuitive Controller for Complex Additives Operations

Editor: Dominik Stephan

Honeywell Enraf today introduced the Fusion4 MSC-A, a highly advanced, yet easy-to-use controller that uses intuitive technology similar to today’s mobile-phone apps to help ensure more efficient and safer petrochemical handling operations.

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Bangalore/India – The Fusion4 MSC-A’s ground-breaking interface makes it simple to use. The controller is operated using intuitive, on-screen icons, which reduces training time and improves accuracy. The interface delivers detailed process data, resulting in superior operational monitoring.

“The Fusion4 MSC-A puts control of the operation back in the hands of the user,” said General Manager, Honeywell Enraf, Richard Thompson. “We’ve used a smart interface to give rich, clear information on the transfer operation. This new controller is more precise, secure and safe, and provides superior traceability.”

The Fusion4 MSC-A offers the most advanced functionality of any additive controller available. The key features include live data transfer in hazardous areas with simultaneous feeds of up to 12 streams for advanced process monitoring and control, and diagnostics and calibration event logging for audits. Furthermore, it offers fast and efficient management of multiple systems and sites and is also compatible with Honeywell Enraf’s safe area device monitoring software package Fusion4.

The device can be supplied stand-alone or coupled with additive injection hardware for a complete off-the-shelf additive solution. Allowing any downstream oil and gas operation to add stand-alone additive injection capability, it seamlessly integrates with industry standard terminal automation systems and load computers and avoids the need for expensive alterations to existing equipment and infrastructure.

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