Refinery Upgrade Honeywell Chosen to Upgrade Iraqi Refinery

Editor: Dominik Stephan

North Refineries recently selected American engineering company Honeywell for upgrade works on it's refinery in Baiji, Iraq.

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Morristown, New Jersey/USA – As Honeywell officials stated the company was signed for an US $9.6 million EPC contract to upgrade existing control and automation systems at the Baiji refinery. The 30 year old control units will be replaced with Honeywell's Experion process knowledge system and safety manager, enabling a fully automatized work at the facility. Apart from additional safety and security gains these steps help North Refineries to maximize productivity, while offering full scaleability to support future technology upgrades, company officials said. North Refineries officials expect maintenance costs to drop by 30% after the installation of modern automation units.

“The North refinery is the largest of its kind in Iraq and is a vital part of our country’s energy industry. Our primary goal is to optimize production levels and our decision to invest in a state-of-the-art automation solution reflects that,” said Abdulghafoor Abduljabbar, director general of North Refineries Co. “From the very start, we were aware that selecting the right technology partner would play an important role in this project’s success. Our decision to work with Honeywell was based on their track record and ability to meet and exceed our requirements,” he added.

“As Iraq’s hydrocarbon industry grows, there is a focus on improving efficiency and reducing downtime caused by the continued use of legacy equipment,” said Norm Gilsdorf, president of Honeywell Process Solutions. “By using our latest automation suite, the North refinery will become more efficient, maximizing yields and further contributing to Iraq’s economy.”

Honeywell will also provide technical training to North Refineries' on-site personell. The company opened it's first Iraqi office in 2010 in the capital city Bagdad to supply technology solutions such as process automation equipment to Iraq's oil and gas industry. Further offices are being planned in southern and northern Iraq over the next few years, the company said.