Alarm Management Honewell Alarm Management Technology Safeguards Plants

Editor: Dominik Stephan

Honeywell Process Solutions has recently announced that its DynAMo alarm management technology is improving safety and productivity at more than 100 process plants and pipelines around the world by helping operators better and more quickly evaluate alarm situations in control rooms.

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(Picture: Honeywell)

Bangalore/India - Plants and pipelines are increasingly relying on numerous automation systems, which can produce more than 1,000 system alarms in a given day. The number of alarms can often overwhelm operators, a problem that leads to lower production and increased safety incidents that cost the process industry billions of dollars every year, according to the Abnormal Situation Management (ASM) Consortium, an industry group dedicated to advancing process technology

“The DynAMo solution, which was launched in November 2013, allows plant operators to tune out noise and focus on critical situations by more efficiently managing and evaluating alarms,” said Vice President and General Manager, Honeywell Process Solutions, Ali Raza. “This allows operators to more easily detect and prevent problems, and to develop and implement effective alarm management strategies aligned with industry-recognized guidelines and standards.”