Customized Products Highly Efficient Crossflow Membrane Filtration Solutions

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Axium Process designs and manufactures crossflow membrane filtration solutions for various applications by carrying out research during plant trials. The solutions also meet international regulations as well as recognized hygienic standards.

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Research holds the key to more efficient crossflow membrane filtration.
Research holds the key to more efficient crossflow membrane filtration.
(Source: Axium Process)

As the increasing use of crossflow membrane filtration becomes ever more beneficial to manufacturing companies, Axium Process actively encourages end users to investigate further the wide range of filtration options available for their applications.

The filtration specialist says that tailored research involving pilot trials can result in a more efficient solution that optimizes separation performance and productivity. Also, the crossflow membrane technology is used in almost every industry and has many advantages. However, identifying the ideal membrane and operating conditions is key to success. There are four levels of filtration with many variables to consider, including factors such as media type, temperature, pressure, and the pH range of the environment.

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Research can help end users make the right decision and will result in a customized solution more tailored to their needs. The research involves pilot plant trials that more closely replicate real-life conditions and detailed performance analysis that helps identify optimal parameters, with the most effective membrane, adds the firm.

The company operates independently of membrane manufacturers and can carry out pilot trials at its test facility in Swansea or at end users’ premises. The trials help eliminate uncertainty and operational issues by accurately predicting separation performance, process viability, system design parameters and operational costs, mentions the firm.

The company’s highly experienced team have the skills to design and manufacture crossflow membrane filtration solutions for a wide variety of applications which meet international regulations and recognized hygienic standards, concludes the firm.

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