Index Safety Congress in Nuremberg 2011 Highlights for the Upcoming Index Safety Congress in Nuremberg 2011

Editor: Marion Henig

Packed with information and recommendations covering the topic of explosion protection, the Index Safety Congress is taking place in Nuremberg, Germany on October 11 and 12.

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In 2010 Index, an international association of experts for industrial explosion protection, has organised ISC for the first time. Visitors from more than 15 countries and 3 continents joined the event. (Picture: Index)
In 2010 Index, an international association of experts for industrial explosion protection, has organised ISC for the first time. Visitors from more than 15 countries and 3 continents joined the event. (Picture: Index)

Nuremberg, Germany – Professionals from the fields of science and industry equally profit from the Index Safety Congress (ISC), which features reports and expert presentations providing insight into actual questions and problems. There will be four sessions:

  • News in legislation
  • New approaches
  • Different views, means and measures
  • Explosion protection in practice

Featured Highlights of the 2011-Congress

At ISC Dr. Ashok Ghose Dastidar of the renowned consultancy firm and service provider Fauske in the USA, will speak about the “Current Status of the Explosion Protection Guidelines in the USA”. After devastating explosions during the past years, particularly the incident at Imperial Sugar, the US regulatory agency OSHA has passed various statutory requirements pertaining to how the American industry can protect themselves from explosions. Based on NFPA-Standards, attempts to make the processes safer in North America are being made.

Afterwards the Swiss expert for consultancy in the field of explosion prevention and protection, Richard Siwek, will present 2011-innovations concerning the subject of national (VDI) and Europe-wide (EN) standardization.

Qualifications of Personnel – Who Is Competent and Who Is Not

Ron Sinclair of Baseefa UK is performing the hot slot of the ISC on Tuesday afternoon, October 11. He says: “The design of the installation, the selection of equipment and the erection covered by this standard shall be carried out only by persons whose training has included instruction on the various types of protection and installation practices, relevant rules and regulations and on the general principles of area classification. The competency of the person shall be relevant to the type of work to be undertaken. Appropriate continuing education or training shall be undertaken by personnel on a regular basis.”

Got it? If not, listen to his lecture. Apart from the IECEx Certificate for Personnel Competence Ron will also give a deep insight on the impact IEC has and will have from a global perspective.

New Approaches in Focus

Johannes Lottermann, Rembe, will present a new protection concept against hazardous oilmist explosions in tooling machines: The new Oil-Ex-Box extinguishes and discharges oil-fog explosions. At the same it protects machine operators from any possible flame escape and machine over-pressurisation resulting from a deflagration.

Ferruccio Cerruti will talk about new findings in explosion simulation and analysis while Kidde's specialist Volker Krone will focus the possibilities of detecting flame gases in a timely manner and thus, preventing explosions. This thought-provoking approach will surely give rise for great discussions.

But of course there are a lot more topics and approaches to discuss at ISC, you can find the full programme here: ISC Programme 2011

Index-App Supports Engineers with Explosive Information

Concurrently to the ISC, the Powtech 2011 is taking place in Nuremberg; making the trip to Index Safety Congress doubly rewarding. All attendees have free admission to the trade fair for mechanical processing technologies and instrumentation.

Index displays its core competencies in industrial safety in Hall 7, Booth 121. The Association introduces their members from all fields of explosion protection but also a new app which supports engineers with explosive information: Index have created a tool, which allows safety engineers and all other explosion protection related individuals to have all relevant data at their fingertip. It offers conversions, data about MIE or MIT for dust, gases and liquids but also equipment related information. Comprising all this information, safety engineers can easily carry out a first glance risk evaluation and do a rough estimate on any solution available.